BRAISED Bone Broths are Crafted to be:

  1. Nutrient Dense / Full of Potential Health Benefits. We slow-simmer or BRAISE our broth to a "gel" to assure a high concentration of beneficial gelatin and 11 grams of simply-digested protein in each 8 oz serving. The inherent nutrients of traditionally prepared bone broth (collagen, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids) get an added boost of nutrition from our modern updates including vegetables, herbs, mineral sea salt, anti-inflammatory spices, and superfoods like kale, whole clove garlic, turmeric, and kombu. Making bone broth with the highest nutritional value is our primary objective.
  2. Clean with Uncompromising Quality. We use organic &/or highest standard natural ingredients always and locally-sourced products whenever available. We practice quality-conscious methods of manufacturing and offer satisfaction guarantees. We craft each batch of bone broth only when every detail of the process meets our standard of excellence.
  3. Flavorful and Robust. Our broth is delicious on its own as an alternative to caffeine-laden coffees and teas or used as a basic ingredient and boost of flavor in any number of healthy recipes.
  4. Trusted and Consistent. The BRAISED kitchen is a USDA / FDA inspected facility and our nutrition facts have been tested by a third party laboratory. We use proprietary technology to insure consistency in every batch.
  5. Consciously-Convenient. Our customers want the health benefits of homemade bone broth but are not inclined to making it consistently on their own. We aim to offer products closest in flavor and nutrition to homemade bone broth and ship it directly to your door. Our labor of love becomes your fast food!

Offering Bone Broth Concentrates:


BRAISED is proud to offer first of its kind bone broth concentrates with Superfood Chicken as our first release. It is authentically crafted, minimally processed, and frozen to retain maximum nutrition and potential health benefits. All ingredients are sourced consciously and the bones we use are from Pitman Family Farms (organic &/or pasture-raised, no added antibiotics / hormones, etc). 

Our Superfood Bone Broth Concentrate is up to 12x more concentrated than the average bone broth sold online or in stores with most of the water removed. A 16 oz container of this product hydrates into 56+ oz of finished gelatinous bone broth for soup or at minimum 7 [8-10 oz] servings for sipping. Concentrated bone broth is our solution to the high cost of shipping heavy frozen goods and it offers convenient portability with many applications - per single serving mug or cooking soups, sauces, starches and grains. A small spoonful can also be added to many types of recipes for added flavor, umami, and nutrition or used to make a gourmet soup stock in place of bouillon.

This product ships frozen in a 16 oz reusable BPA-free plastic tub and stays fresh for 6 months in the freezer or 30 days in the refrigerator once thawed. Note: The concentrate can withstand some refreezing if needed.

Like any superfood or supplement, the best results are seen with consistent daily use. We suggest a regular 4-8 oz serving each day or consumed more frequently during a dedicated cleansing period (facilitated by your trusted healthcare practitioner, of course). Our bone broth has multiple uses because of its simply digested protein and nutrients that provide support and nourishment to all types of bodies with varying levels of health.