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We welcome all types of potential buyers - small or large, etc. - and can accommodate all sizes of orders. Note: the following information is just a benchmark, we are happy to customize! Reach out and we'll chat about your needs/desires.

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Currently we offer Superfood Chicken Bone Broth made from 100% Pastured Chickens. Our beef flavor is next to launch and we have several additional products in the R&D phase - all paleo-friendly and consciously convenient. You can learn a little more about our products here, our story here, and our company values here.


Product Info

Our Featured Superfood Bone Broth comes in two forms:

  1. Heat & Serve 20 oz (567 g) Pouches 
  2. Concentrated 8 oz Containers (Please inquire for purchasing details)

Ingredients: filtered water, 100% pastured free-range chicken bones, organic chicken feet, onion, organic carrot, organic celery, organic kale, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, organic parsley, organic whole clove garlic, Redmond's Real Salt, Atlantic kombu, cumin, mushroom extract (shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, rosemary extract), turmeric root, coriander, cayenne pepper, thyme, rosemary extract. 

Label Dimensions: (l) 6" x (w) 4.875"

Unit Dimensions: (l) 8.5" x (w) 5" x (d) 2.25"

Master Case: 6 units 20 oz pouches, frozen, 8.3 lbs. with packaging.

Master Case Dimensions: (l) 13.75" x (w) 5.5" x (h) 9"

Pallet Configuration: Wooden pallet w/ script sheet, 25 cases per layer, 125 cases total, dimensions - (l) 47.5" x (w) 39" x (h) 48".

Pallet Total Weight: 1037.5 lbs including packaging.

MOQ: 10 cases FOB, proprietary pricing for 1/2 and full pallet purchases.

Why BRAISED is best?

  1. Flavor. Few commercially prepared bone broths taste like it was made in your own kitchen. No one in the industry uses a superfood ingredient lineup like ours including kombu, kale, turmeric, Redmond’s Real Salt, and more. The end result is just like homemade – delicious, savory and robust.
  2. Convenience. Our unique-to-the-market bone broth concentrate is perfect for portable use, customizing the strength of your daily dose, and shipping nationwide. A small 8 oz gelatin yields 72 oz finished broth or 9 servings. We also carry 20 oz pouches with broth ready to heat/serve.
  3. Sourcing. All ingredients are the best, period. Sustainable/ethically sourced bones, organic vegetables and herbs, targeted anti-inflammatory spices, and love from the land.
  4. Nutrition. Crafted and field-tested by a nutritionist to contain optimal health-giving benefits like 10-12 grams of protein per serving, collagen, gelatin, minerals, and electrolytes.
  5. Our roots. “The recipes we use to make our products originate in the Midwestern farming-family kitchens of my ancestors. And this tradition, love and history that we choose to carry forward is at the heart and soul of our company.” ~ Kate Brown, founder