Note: Please read our disclosure. Always consult with your trusted healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your diet and to help you curate the right cleansing program for your individual needs. 

There are many ways and reasons to incorporate BRAISED Bone Broth into a dedicated cleanse. Listed below are just three ideas to try. 

Level 1: The 21-Day Cleanse

How – Replace one meal a day with an 8 oz serving of bone broth for 21 days. Heat on the stove, serve in your favorite mug, and savor it as you would coffee or tea.

Why – Offers the body daily rest from digestion and temporarily restricts caloric intake while still providing 11 grams of protein for satiety and umami (mouth-feel) for satisfaction. In theory, the inherent nutrients of bone broth like gelatin, collagen, and minerals can provide more noticeable benefits when incorporated as a meal replacement like in this cleanse because the body needs less energy to digest foods and can therefore devote more energy to conduct other healing.

Who – Ideal for those new to cleansing, for people needing an accessible and slower cleansing option, and for healthy individuals experimenting with lower caloric intake for (for weight loss or metabolic conditioning) or looking for simple ways to introduce superfood nutrition for daily cleansing, disease prevention, and maintenance.


Level 2: The 7-Day Fasting Cleanse

How – Replace all meals with an 8 oz serving of bone broth for up to 7 days. Heat, serve, and savor it in your favorite mug.

Why – Offers the benefits of Level 1 with potential for more pronounced effects since the body is given a more focused respite from digestion. Bone broth is an excellent alternative to other popular forms of fasting by means of juice, water, and maple syrup tonics because it is low glycemic and protein rich – more closely simulating food to keep the blood sugar level while still being very simply digested to offer the inherent benefits of a fast.

Who – Ideal for those who regularly cleanse and know its affect on their body, for individuals looking to maximize the potential therapeutic effects of bone broth, and for those medically prescribed a fasting or liquid diet.


Level 3: The 3-30 Day Integrated Lifestyle Cleanse

How – Replace 1-2 meals a day with an 8 oz serving of bone broth and 1-2 meals a day with a fresh raw organic juice or green smoothie. Incorporate an anti-inflammatory tonic made of fresh ginger slices, organic lemon juice, hot water, turmeric, cayenne, and raw honey (only if you must) between meals, if needed.

Why – Could potentially offer a deeper cleanse by incorporating the enzyme-rich raw juices and anti-inflammatory tonic.

Who – Ideal for seasoned health-conscious folks who regularly cleanse, juice, and experiment with food and understand its effect on their body. This is a lifestyle cleanse because it requires added skills, equipment, and resources to make it happen. The person that chooses this cleanse is not overwhelmed by the options and appreciates the iterative approach with a more diverse range of foods.

Still need support? No problem! Continue to check in with our blog for more tips and ideas on cleansing, detox-friendly recipes, and more or send us an email at hello@braisedbonebroth.com. We are happy to help!