Q: Are products from BRAISED Bone Broth Company still available for purchase? 

A: Not at this time. After the pandemic, we have hit some challenges in packaging and production and we are currently seeking a viable pathway forward. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter. Thank you for your continued support and testimonials - we are optimistic we won't have to go much longer without our favorite nourishing broth. 

Q: What is bone broth?

A: Bone broth is the ultimate slow food – just the opposite of today’s “fast food.” Prepared with traditional braising methods, it is indeed a labor of love. The old – bone broth dates back to the Stone Age – is new again as the “paleo diet” gains in popularity and the renaissance of artisanal handcrafted products is upon us. Bone broth is touted by professional athletes, celebrities, health and nutrition experts, bloggers, chefs, and wholesome home cooks and is as diverse in its flavor, uses, and nutrition as the people in all parts of the world who rely on it as a dietary staple.

Traditional, nourishing and authentic bone broth is created from a slow-simmer of a few humble ingredients: water, bones, vinegar, and salt. It contains beneficial nutrients like collagen, gelatin, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids.

Q: What are the known benefits of bone broth?

A: Read this first. At this time two claims seem to have the most credence. Bone broth:

  1. Supports the immune system and lowers inflammation. A study published in October 2000 concluded that “chicken soup contains compounds of potential medical value.” Bone broth has long been known as “Jewish Penicillin” for its historic use by the 12th Century physician Moses Maimonides for colds and asthma.
  2. Supports recovery and rehydration from post-athletic activity by replacing fluid, amino acids, sodium and other electrolytes lost through sweat.

According to slow-food pioneer, Sally Fallon, authentically crafted bone broth is known to contain Collagen / Cartilage / Chondroitin Sulphates / Glucosaminoglycans to support the bones, muscles, joints, skin, hair, and nails; Gelatin / Hydrophilic Colloids to support digestion and tissues of the intestinal tract; Minerals to support the immune system; Electrolytes to support circulation, fluid balance, and nerves; Amino Acids (esp. Glycine and Arginine) to support a protein sparing action in the gut allowing for better utilization of the complete proteins taken in from other sources. (Reference: Fallon, Sally. Nourishing Traditions Washington, DC: NewTrends Publishing, Inc., 1999,2001. Print.) 

Q: Why should I consume regular bone broth?

A: People of varying levels of health consume this product for the nutritional benefits. Our consumers range from the extremely health conscious to individuals being medically treated for a condition. Bone broth is a practical food with simply digested protein and nutrients providing a daily dose of preventative care or supporting a patient with necessary nutrition when appetite is affected by treatments. In either case, making regular homemade bone broth can be burdensome to the average busy American.

We created our company because bone broth has been at the center of our kitchen for generations and used in many of our homemade recipes and natural 'cures'. It is a staple for both its flavor and superfood nutrition. Bone broth is its own food group in our diet - clean protein, healthy fat, vegetables, and bone broth anchor almost every meal. We believe you will benefit as much as we have from its regular use making you both healthier and known as a fabulous cook!

Q: How is BRAISED Bone Broth different?

A: There are several good products on the niche bone broth market. We celebrate all of our fellow broth artisans for making products far better than conventional boxed "stock" sold in grocery stores that are highly processed, do not use traditional bone broth cooking methods or ingredients (therefore do not contain its nutrition), and often use artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Our BRAISED Bone Broth and other products are crafted to have/be:

  1. Superior nutritional value and full-bodied flavor that is next best to homemade.
  2. Contain a power packed list of organic and locally sourced ingredients including vegetables, herbs, anti-inflammatory spices and modern superfoods like kale, kombu, shitake mushrooms, and turmeric.
  3. Slow-simmered using proprietary cooking technology to capture the most nutrition, eliminate contaminants, and to be consistent with each batch.
  4. Consciously-convenient - we labor over every detail of each batch so you don't have to.

Q: What kind of results should I expect from using your products?

A: We believe the best cure of any ailment is prevention of it in the first place with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. That said, results will vary and they are hard to predict from person-to-person. A dedicated bone broth cleanse might yield more dramatic changes than its casual consumption, but who are we to say? We craft our products to be real food with all the possible nutritional benefits that come with its daily use. We encourage consistent intake of about 4-8 ounces a day in partnership with a ‘clean’ diet rich in other whole, organic, and locally-sourced foods. Offering you better health through better food and nutrition is our goal.  

Q: How is BRAISED Bone Broth made?

A: Our broth uses traditional braising cooking methods for a minimum of 18 hours. We use proprietary technology that conducts heat from the inside-out as opposed to the traditional stock pot which conducts from the outside-in. This slowly simmers the broth more evenly and controls the cooking temperature to avoid the foamy layer of contaminates that rises to the top of homemade bone broth. It also extracts more nutrition and flavor from the bones than what can be done in the typical kitchen.

Q: Where is BRAISED Bone Broth made?

A: Right here in Central Iowa. Our kitchen facility is USDA/FDA inspected and monitored with a Quality Assurance regulatory department to oversee each step of our process. We have a fully implemented and enforced HACCP program and we are third-party audited.  

Q: Do you have other flavors of bone broth besides chicken?

A: Yes, in our family vault of recipes but they are not yet ready for retail. Every day we work to source the best ingredients and methods and are careful not to launch anything before its time. In the months ahead we will have several new products and varieties. We expect the next one ready for market will be our grass-fed beef bone broth.

Q: Why does your product come frozen?

A: Freezing our broth is the best method of protecting its nutritional value. Our products are fresh-frozen to provide you the most minimally processed foods.

Q: How long can I store your concentrate bone broths?

A: Our bone broth concentrates will last up to 6 months in the freezer and 4 weeks thawed in the refrigerator.

Q: What is the best way to use your bone broth concentrate?

A: Place an individual serving of 3 rounded spoonfuls (3.5 Tbsp) into a mug or thermos and pour 7-8 oz boiling water over it to hydrate it into broth. You can also put the concentrate into a reusable K-style cartridge and use a single cup coffee machine or put the entire 16 oz tub into a large pot and add 56-64+ ounces of water to heat for a batch of delicious soup.

Q: How do I order? Should I worry about frozen food arriving safely at my home?

A: You can purchase the products on our website using our secure checkout process. Please review our Shipping and Handling FAQs page for a more detailed answer to the second question. In short, shipping perishable items directly to residential consumers is now commonplace but still an ever-evolving process. The products need to be put directly into appropriate cold-storage upon arrival. A slight thaw can be typical and the product is still completely safe to put back into the freezer for later use.

Q: Do you have any retail locations or have local delivery for Central Iowans?

A: Absolutely! We love that we can serve a national customer base but we are local Central Iowans at heart. We are most excited about serving our own community and helping them getting healthier with our products. BRAISED Bone Broth is available at Campbell’s Nutrition in Des Moines and through the Wallace Farms buying club. 

If you have a retailer in mind let us know or talk to your favorite shop owners about carrying our products. If you are a retailer or buyer please note that we can handle large orders and are eager to create new channels to serve our community with nourishing health food options. Contact us!

Still have questions? Reach out! We are happy to help. 

Email us at hello@braisedbonebroth.com.