Back to Basics: Superfood Seasoning Chicken Slow Cooker Recipe

Spring has arrived! Time is being spent playing outdoors and getting the yard ready for new plants to emerge. Outdoor sports are in full swing. After this long, cold winter no one is wanting to spend one minute more indoors than they must. Dinners are scrambled, but thanks to Kelsey, one of our most enthusiastic loyal customers, we have your solution!

2 lbs organic chicken breast 
BRAISED Bone Broth concentrate
BRAISED Superfood Seasoning

1. Place thawed chicken breasts in slow cooker 
2. Generously top with BRAISED Anti-Inflammatory Superfood Seasoning
3. Scoop three spoonfuls of BRAISED Bone Broth Concentrate
4. Cook on low for 4 hours then dice to top riced cauliflower and pair with creamy greens

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