• The Gathering Soup: A Holiday Recipe from the BRAISED Kitchen
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The Gathering Soup: A Holiday Recipe from the BRAISED Kitchen


Potato Gathering Soup

A Soulful Creation from the BRAISED Kitchen: Gluten Free/Grain Free/Primal

1 large onion diced
½ cup carrots thinly sliced
1 lb nitrate-free turkey bacon chopped
2 stalks organic celery diced
3 cloves garlic minced
8 organic potatoes cubed (Yukon gold work well)
1 ½ pouches of BRAISED Superfood Chicken Bone Broth or enough to cover potatoes
3 Tbsp of grass-fed butter
3 Tbsp tapioca starch
1 cup of organic grass-fed heavy cream
1 tsp dried tarragon
½ cup kale stems removed and finely chopped
Redmond’s Real Salt, to taste


  1. Cook bacon in some avocado oil or ghee in a Dutch oven or heavy soup pot until crispy. Remove the bacon, reserve the grease. Add celery, carrot and onion into the bacon grease and saute until soft. Stir in the minced garlic, cook for 1 minute more. Add cubed potatoes, toss to coat and saute for 3-4 more minutes. Add enough chicken broth to the pot to cover the potatoes, cover and simmer until potatoes are tender. 
  2. In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat, whisk in the tapioca starch. Continue to whisk for an additional 2 minutes or so to remove the tapioca taste then (while still whisking) add the cream in a slow stream to the mixture. Heat and whisk until mixture thickens, then stir the cream mixture into the soup pot with the potatoes.
  3. Season with salt to taste, and stir the tarragon and kale into the pot.
  4. Ladle into bowls and serve with sauteed bacon on top. 
  5. Additional optional toppings include shredded raw cheddar cheese, chopped fresh parsley, chives or micro greens as pictured.  

Recipe and Lifestyle Notes from Kate
This soup is obviously rich with the addition of heavy cream so a perfect holiday gathering recipe (no wonder it’s so crowd-pleasing, right?!). In the BRAISED Kitchen we follow the 80/20 rule, honoring everything in moderation - or better stated - most things in moderation with certain caveats. We view food and eating holistically with a sense of balance and family in mind and through a lense of the paleo/ancestral/traditional food philosophy. We believe in slow food that is whole, well sourced, and offers dense nutrition. This recipe calls for dairy, but it can be substituted for full-fat coconut milk if desired (although proportions might vary). When making this soup for an average weekly night dinner, this is how we’ll make it again - dairy free - but if you can afford to (from a health perspective) try the recipe as written, you won’t be disappointed! This recipe easily doubles to accommodate a large family gathering and of course leftovers for when no one feels like cooking.

And now the recipe backstory...

Market days start early and are chaotic in our household. We are fortunate to have parents able to watch our children and keep things grounded during farmers’ market season. Nita has never been the best sleeper so it’s common for her to wake up EARLY to the sound of scuffles in the hallway or muffled voices in the kitchen as we go through our pre-opening checklist. Grandma “GG” often has a snuggle nest ready to go in the living room and the rule is no talking until it’s light out! Once resettled - often with the help of Disney’s Moana - Mama B makes her way to the laundry basket for folding or to the kitchen to prepare meals for the day (which always includes her famous traditionally fermented sourdough). We are SO blessed! This past weekend’s creation was particularly yummy and thoroughly crowd-pleasing so I have to share. I left for market after giving mom one inspiration - “I’m really wanting a stick-to-your-ribs warm and comforting CREAMY soup (can you say postpartum cravings?) - Go!”

With the holidays in our midst, BRAISED celebrates and values family and those we consider family. What a special time to show how much you love and care for those around you and no better way to do it than to open your home and to gather around a bubbling pot of soup. And, trust me, this is the proper nourishment for this purpose. It will forever be named our “Gathering Soup.” Enjoy.

Let us know what you think of the recipe or the modified dairy-free version on social media. We’d love to peek out your own soulful creations!


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    Katy Brown
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